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The VINTAGE TRICYCLE MUSEUM is a collection of veteran and vintage tricycles that can be seen online and taken to shows and exhibitions throughout the year.



What was your experience of history lessons at school?

Mine was a series of wars plus boring details of religion and royal families. Nothing about ordinary people. We had to learn dates by repetition, and the teacher had a long flexible stick he used frequently.

How I wish, in retrospect, someone had been available to bring in a collection of tricycles so I could have learned about life in the 19th century through Great Britain’s wonderful transport heritage. We were at the cutting edge of invention, development, manufacture and sales. It’s a history of which we should be proud.


I studied history much later in life, through ownership of vintage vehicles. Having recently decided to change my theme, I’m selling my collection of veteran and vintage tricycles + this website.

A new custodian may now share the pleasures of vintage vehicles by exhibiting them and helping others discover more about our fabulous British motoring heritage…



1. 1884 Plectocycle

2. 1898 Humber Standard Lady’s ‘Model G’ Tricycle

3. 1900 Rudge Lady’s Tricycle

4. 1908 James Lady’s Tricycle

5. 1919 James Gent’s Tricycle

6. 1919 Triumph No 2 Royal Mail Carrier Tricycle

7. Edwardian Child’s Tricycle

8. 1920s Warrick Wall’s Ice Cream Box-Trike

9. 1930s Kendrick Two-Wheel Steering Tricycle

10. 1950s Pashley Grocer’s Delivery Box-Trike

11. 1950s Norman Child’s Tricycle

12. 1956 Harding Model C Two-Wheel Steering Tricycle

13. 1960s Raleigh Prototype Post Office Sidecar Bicycle

14. 1982 KW Engineering Works Heavy-Duty Cycle Rickshaw (India)