1956 HARDING Model C Two-Wheel Steering Tricycle

1956 Harding Model C Two-Wheel Steering Tricycle







R.A Harding (Bath) Ltd

19, Lower Bristol Rd, Bath, Avon

R.A. Harding was a company based in Bath, well-established pre-war as a manufacturer of ‘bath chairs.’

The company was established in 1921 by Mr. J. Gordon and Mr. E. Loxley. For the company name, they used the maiden name of Mr. Loxley’s wife.

In the early years, they made a greater variety of invalid carriages than any other manufacturer. By 1930 they offered 8 different models. They built invalid carriages for the government during WW2, but found it hard to compete with AC when that company moved into the market. Their motorized tricycles ceased production by the early 1950’s, though their tricycle range continued.


Like Kendrick of Reading, they also dabbled with TWS (Two-Wheeled Steering) tricycles, though the Harding models had smaller 18″ front wheels. In 1956 they marketed their TWS tricycle with a Cyclemaster engine fitted.


The motorized Model C is simply an ordinary Harding tricycle with brakes and front mudguards. I’ve added a few Cyclemasters to Hardings: here’s one I sold last year to a museum in Thailand.

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