* 1. How to Buy this Museum Collection + Website

Q What do I need to buy this Vintage Tricycle Museum Collection and Website?

A Money and an enterprising nature.


Q What’s included?

A All the tricycles illustrated on these pages.


Q What work is involved to maintain the collection?

A Very little. The tricycle collection is ready to use.

And the website needs no maintenance. I’ll tailor it to your needs if you wish.


Q Is it a good investment?

A Vintage vehicles are always a good investment. At the moment, with banks and shares offering less incentive, many folks are turning to antiques and vintage items. Plus, of course, you can actually use and enjoy your investment at the same time!


Ideas for Use:

There are two ways to use this Museum.

Either with minimum outlay, storing the collection in a lock-up garage and using a van or trailer to take them to displays. Promote your own business and/or the museum collection via the website.

Or use the collection for a more permanent museum display and the website to promote it.

1. Display samples from the tricycle collection at shows, steam rallies, local fetes, charity events, etc. Tricycles are easy to use, so maybe you can let members of the public have a go on one? Folks are amazed to ride a 100-year-old vehicle!

2. Give short talks on the history of tricycles/ history of transport at local schools, as well as for the many groups and associations in your area that require speakers for their evening meetings.

3. Use the tricycles to advertise a business.

4. Set up a permanent display. A Tricycle Museum is a positive attraction for a business such as a garden centre. Or it could easily be established in an unused town-centre building to bring extra tourists into an area.


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